Preparing and accompanying corporate reorganization:

Elaboration and optimization of structure management and interaction of companies' group on order to increase operative and tax efficiency, actives protection and other targets

Accompanying restructuring of management system and interaction of group of companies, including preparing documents, projects and shareholders' agreements, assistance in obtaining necessary agreements

Accompanying investment projects and M&A transactions (including shift of business rights, creating common business structures):

Making the scheme of the transaction

Restructuring business according to the transaction

Participation in negotiations and transaction support

Preparing documents, including contracts of sale and purchase, shareholders’ agreements, agreements of creating joint ventures and others documents

Law accompanying of capital launch at public markets:

Restructuring business for acing securities

Preparing documents, in musing emission prospect, corporate approval, issue decisions, law conclusions, other documents.

Assistance in raising the efficiency of corporate management:

Writing documents of incorporation and changed in them

Elaborating inner documents regulating the work of particular management bodies of the company: the executive body, board of dire fixed, revision commission and other bodies

Elaborating inner documents directed at providing the following of legislation norms and corporate res by the workers of the company, including creating the corporate ethics code, statements about the order of approval and making agreements, standard contracts, etc.

Consulting in the area of corporate law:

Law accompanying of corporation performance

Consulting in questions of procedures of taking corporate decision

Consulting in questions of purchasing shares in procedures of voluntary or obligatory offer of purchase as well as procedures of "pressurizing" minority shareholders

Resolving corporate disputes:

Representing the interests of the company, its shareholders, participants, business owners in corporate disputes

Mediation in corporate conflicts.

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