Tax planning

Optimization of taxation of organizations ,including consulting in choosing the taxation model suitable for the organization form of the company

Questions of use of jurisdiction in profit tax, VAT, tax of organization property, land tax and other taxes.

The assessment of tax consequences of planned transactions and investment projects

Recommendations on decreasing tax risks

Law accompanying of tax inspection checks

Law expertise of tax authorities' actions and decisions, working out tactics and strategy of holding a dispute based on results of tax check

Appealing tax authorities' decisions about calling to tax account (preparing objections, appeals and other types of complaints to higher tax authorities)

Performing tax disputes in courts

Providing withholding the actions of non-normative acts in order to prevent financial penalties

Compensation of harm produced by the actions or absence of actions of tax authorities

Compensation of court costs for legal services at the results of tax disputes

Representing the tax-payers’ interests in enforcement authorities

Representing the tax-payers’ interests during criminal courts at tax crimes.

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