Intellectual property


protection of the company’s brand.

audit, management and protection of intangible assets of the company.

legal support of the personal data protection , ensuring their compliance with regulatory requirements, including GDPR.

consulting on the legal status of software, including usage of the open source code (using open licenses).

providing legal protection for commercially valuable information and registration, exclusive rights to know-how and its protection.

consulting services on the legal protection of Internet sites


registration of trademarks

patenting of inventions in Russia and abroad.

registration of breeding achievements.

registration of integrated circuit topologies.

registration of domain names.

Support of transactions with objects of intellectual property rights:

preparation of license agreements, franchising agreements, agreements on the provision of software as a service.

Support for the implementation of research, development and technological work.

Protection of intellectual property rights

fighting against unfair competition using intellectual property and representing interests in antitrust authorities

representation of interests in courts on disputes of violation of rights to intellectual property.

representation of client’s interests in the chamber for patent disputes.

criminal prosecution for violation of intellectual property rights.

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