Commercial practice

Legal support of business: in-house lawyer as a service:

We provide your company with a lawyer on a full-time basis and immerse him as much as possible into the daily life of the company. Such a model allows you to get involved into your internal processes, solve tasks with higher efficiency, propose, implement and monitor legal decisions. Advantages: you have not just a full-time lawyer at your disposal limited by his personal competence. Behind him is a team of more than 20 lawyers and lawyers - specialists in various fields of law.

Subscription services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs:

A cooperation scheme in which we support you on an ongoing basis in any matters arising in the process of your activities. You have the opportunity to transfer any task to us: consulting, drawing up an agreement, preparing corporate documents, accompanying at negotiations or litigation, and much more.

Subscription service is suitable for customers who both have and do not have their own legal department or full-time lawyers.

Contract work:

Contractual work involves both the development and legal examination of contracts. In the first case, our lawyers prepare and agree on a draft contract. In the second, they analyze the agreement for compliance with the current legislation and the intentions of the parties, identify possible risks, and, if necessary, propose and amend the draft agreement.

Legal support of transactions:

Our lawyers go along with you in the duration of the whole case: from the idea to signing the final agreement. They determine the list of necessary documents, request and collect them, check the counterparty, his financial condition and ability to complete a transaction, work out, analyze all the conditions and risks of a future transaction, participate in negotiations, prepare an agreement, attend its signing and take other actions depending on essence of the transaction and your needs.

We accompany any transaction, including franchising, insurance, lending, leasing.

Legal support of issues of quality and promotion of goods:

We will help you not only to determine whether you need to undergo standardization and certification for your products, obtain permits for the implementation of various types of activities (licenses), but we will also accompany you through such procedures.

We will help you understand the intricacies of customs procedures and draw up the necessary documents.

We will help to avoid violations of the legislation on advertising by preparing a legal opinion on the advertising materials of your products.

Support for organized tenders and public procurement.

We will help you at any stage of the auction: from the analysis of the purchase to participation in the auction and the signing of the contract.

Protection of the rights of entrepreneurs:

Our lawyers will analyze the legitimacy of the actions and decisions of state bodies, develop an optimal way to protect against unlawful demands of the authorities, prepare you for inspections by regulatory authorities, accompany them during their conduct, protect your interests in administrative cases.

In addition, we will assess the risks of making demands on you by regulatory authorities and the risks of administrative responsibility when you carry out ongoing activities and / or implement your individual projects.

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