About us

Sollars Law Firm - Business Legal Advisor

We provide services to corporate and private individuals on issues of conducting business in Russia.

We assist to resolve disputes and accompany transactions and complex commercial projects.

Focusing on business consulting has enabled us to build strong practices in areas such as litigation, bankruptcy, taxes, corporate law, investment, real estate and construction. Along with traditional business practices, the Law Firm has created and is successfully developing practices to protect the rights and interests of entrepreneurs in cases of economic and tax crimes.

Our main value is our customers.

Our main goal is preventing all risks which a business can face in its performance.

That is why we are systematically expanding our competencies and attracting the best partners for new practices.

We believe that only a team can solve the super task. The basis of the Law Firm mechanism is the creation of the most effective collective mind to solve the client's problem.

Our principles are honesty and clarity in relations with clients and within the team, continuous professional training and the development of related skills.

Our inspiration is objectives on the verge of the impossible.

Our figures:

since 2012, 8 advocates, a patent attorney, 20 lawyers

have won 500 cases to a value of more than 7,000,000,000 rubles

Why we:

A team of professionals

(our staff includes experienced specialists who specialize in various areas of law, we are constantly expanding our practices, we invite reputable specialists to our team, and we also recruit talented people from the best legal universities of Russia and foreign countries)

Comprehensive work on your project

(creating an analytical group of specialists from various fields of law, if necessary, attracting experts, specialists from other jurisdictions)

Expert level of legal services

(we have many years of experience in legal business protection , we are constantly improving, studying, and improving the qualifications of employees)


(opponents, authorities and politics cannot influence the results of our work on your project in any way)

Sometimes we do the impossible

(we love our work and treat it as creativity, we are not afraid of complex, hopeless tasks, we are ready for non-standard legal solutions and for their implementation)

Extensive geography of work (Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, USA)

Three working languages (Russian, English, Chinese)

Focus on results

(we live and work not one day, but are aimed at long-term cooperation with our customers, your successful result is our professional victory)

Russia, 630091, Novosibirsk,

Red Prospect, 82, 3rd floor, Hall of Soviets

Tel .: +7 383 34-777-34

E-mail: office@sollars.ru