Patent attorney

Professional experience

Protected by patents in the Russian Federation:

  • more than 150 inventions
  • more than 50 useful models,
  • more than 100 trademarks


  • over 50 inventions using the PCT
  • more than 10 trademarks under the Madrid system,
  • about 10 inventions in the national system

Implementation of interaction and representation of interests of customers:

-  with the Patent Office of the Russian Federation (FIPS),
received more than 120 patents in the Russian Federation, registered more than 120 trademarks, registered more than 30 license agreements;

-  with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),
more than 30 international applications under the PCT have been registered; registration of 5 trademarks according to the Madrid system is widespread, 2 of them in 9 countries;

-  with patent offices of foreign countries through national patent attorneys
patents were obtained in Germany, USA, Canada, China, Vietnam, more than 20 national applications have been filed;

-  with the regional organization Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO),
9 patents received, more than 10 applications filed;

-  with the regional organization European Patent Office (EPO),
received two patents;

-  with the regional organization African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO),
two applications filed;

-  with the Chamber for Patent Disputes of the Patent Office of the Russian Federation
filing objections to the granting of patents to third parties; the validity of the Eurasian patent in the territory of the Russian Federation and the trademark has been protested.

-  with the arbitration court in the Russian Federation ,
about ten expert opinions were drawn up in case of violation of rights;

-  with owners of trademarks similar to the extent of bias with the designations submitted for registration, to receive letters of consent

-  to state organizations representing the interests of the Russian Federation in state contracts, state orders,
patent searches were carried out, patent purity was assessed, the results are presented in accordance with GOST R 15.011-96

An integrated approach to patent-licensing activities of an enterprise:

- development of legally relevant documents regarding collateral

- IP security in relations with partners, developers, employees, etc.

By technical solutions (inventions, utility models):

- study of technical solutions in order to increase their patentability;

- conducting patent searches to determine the technical level;

- conducting a patent search with a report on patent purity in accordance with GOST R 15.011-96;

- filing applications, maintenance, obtaining a patent in the Russian Federation, submission to the State Register;

- filing international applications under the PCT agreement, support;

- filing a requirement for a preliminary examination of applications under the PCT, if necessary;

- implementation of national patenting abroad, establishing contacts with bona fide national patent attorneys, entering into an agreement, accompaniment, obtaining a patent for a specific country abroad;

- preparation and registration of license agreements for patents of the Russian Federation for customers from the Russian Federation, customers from abroad;

- preparation of expert opinions for the court, arbitration, IP court;

- drawing up and filing objections to the Chamber for Patent Disputes;

- analytical studies to assess the commercial value of patents;

- tracking the availability of competitors patents;

By brands

- analysis of the designation intended for registration as a trademark for the degree of similarity with the trademarks of third parties or with signs in applications filed by third parties;

- filing applications for the registration of trademarks in the Russian Federation, maintenance, obtaining a certificate of trademark protection in the Russian Federation, entering the State Register;

- filing applications for registration of trademarks abroad (Madrid system), maintenance, obtaining Certificates on the protection of a trademark in a specific country abroad

The beginning of professional work since 1992

Education and languages

Novosibirsk Electrotechnical Institute of Communications

State Institute of Intellectual Property

World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva (Intellectual Property Management)

Russian Institute of Intellectual Property, Moscow (preparation of patent attorneys) Certification by the Federal Intellectual Property

Office as a patent attorney for inventions and utility models, registry number 1202.